Duplicating your thesis for less

When you have spent a lot of time and effort on producing your thesis you will want to ensure that you have a beautiful copy of the thesis to keep. However, students are also often obliged to get multiple copies of their thesis produced, including one to give to their supervisor and one to leave in the university library. This can push the price of your duplication services much higher.

Here are some ways to keep the price of your thesis duplication down.   

Check the requirements for the university

Even if you'd like to have a beautiful leather bound copy of your thesis for your own home, you may be able to get away with using a plastic wrapped copy that's made with cheaper binding for the copy that you lodge in the library. By being clear on the requirements for the university copy, you can often keep the costs down. 

Minimise colour copies

If the majority of your thesis is black and white text with just a few colour pages, it can be a good idea to get the majority of the thesis printed at a black and white rate and getting a few pages at the colour rate. The colour rate is often substantially higher than the black and white rate, so minimising the number of colour pages can result in some big savings. 

Ask for bulk discounts

If you also want to get some extra copies for friend and family, it can be good to ask for a bulk discount. This can help to bring down the unit price (even if it does drive up the overall cost of duplication).

Check if local printing services offer discounts for your university

Many printing services near universities offer discounts to staff and students, so it's a good idea to ask if the services closest to you also offer discounts. This can be a great option to keep costs down and can often be much easier than using online sellers as you can get a rush order if your thesis is only finished very close to your due date. 

If you are finishing up your thesis and need to get a few copies bound, it can be a good idea to research different duplication services. Often by discussing your budget with the printer you can work out a way to get the copies you need while sticking to your budget.