Tips for Designing Labels for Jarred Goods

Do you sell jams, honey, salsa or other items in glass jars? If so, you should consider custom labels for your wares. When choosing your labels, keep the following elements in mind.

Make Sure Your Main Message Is Visible

When designing your custom labels, think about the visibility of your message for your consumers. Before sending your design to the printer, map it out on a piece of paper, and hold it against your jars. Ideally, even if the sticker goes around the entire jar, the majority of the message should be visible from the front of the jar.

That said, if you have to list your ingredients, your contact details or other "small print" details, it's fine to put those on the back of the jar. You simply want your product name, business label and any other essentials clearly visible on the front.

Consider Water-Dissolvable Glue

Many of your customers may want to re-use your jars. To make that easier for them, you may want to choose labels with water dissolvable adhesive. That way, if your customers peel off the labels, they can easily remove any remaining stuck-on bits by running the jar through the dishwasher.

Choose Colours That Complement Your Contents

If your jar is clear, your contents will shine through, and you need a label that complements the colour of your contents. Remember, the entire label doesn't need to be colourful. You may want to choose a clear label with colourful printing on it.

Order Extra Labels

To be on the safe side, you may want to order more labels than you need. Most professional printers can send you sheets or rolls of your label. Then, if a label falls off or if you need an extra, you just have to reach into your stash and grab a new one easily.

Work With a Professional Designer or Use a Template

You may want to hire a professional designer to design your labels. These professionals are experienced making logos that look nice in a range of sizes. They can also determine how the text will look the best on your labels, and their work can lend a professional look to your products.

However, if a professional designer is not in your budget, you may want to see if you can find a template. There are all kinds of tools online or available through professional printers that allow you to create a label by dragging and dropping in elements.