Which Type Of Binding Is Right For Your Thesis?

While completing your university thesis can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, it can also be one of the most time-consuming and laborious. So, once you're finally finished, the last thing you want is to find yourself spending countless more hours working out which bookbinding is best. Thankfully, it's not difficult to choose thesis binding when you know the benefits of each option. This guide will help you work out the best bookbinding option for you.

1. When you want prestige, choose leather binding

Nothing screams prestige quite like a leather-bound thesis. If you want that classy, old academia-style feel for your thesis, leather binding could be the way to go. Leather binding is available in a variety of muted colours to suit your preferences, and all leather covers can be embossed with custom metallic lettering for an even more high-class aesthetic. Plus, leather isn't just for show. It's also a firm cover material that does a good job at protecting your thesis from knocks and spills.

2. For smaller papers, choose thermal binding

Not all theses are long enough to be novels. If you've written a dissertation or research paper with fewer pages than usual, thermal binding is a great option. Thermal binding uses a heat-sensitive glue that will melt under the thermal laminator's high temperatures, creating a strong and durable bond. While it may not be fancy, it does look professional and gives you the freedom to create your own attractive thesis cover on your word processor of choice. 

3. When you want good looks without high costs, choose softcover binding

Can't afford leather binding but still want something showier than thermal binding? Enter softcover binding. Softcover-bound theses typically look like a more academic version of a magazine, with a choice of glossy or matte covers available. Both the front and back covers are fully customisable, but if you're not design-oriented, you may find that your bookbinding company offers its own cover design services.

4. When you need the lowest cost possible, choose plastic comb binding

If student parties and expensive textbooks have crippled your budget, don't worry. You can always opt for inexpensive plastic comb binding for your thesis. Plastic comb binding is one of the quickest binding methods too, so it's perfect for those last-minute submission dates. Another advantage of plastic comb binding is that it's removable, so if you find yourself needing to add or swap pages, you won't need to get your whole thesis rebound.