How Does Outsourcing Large Print Jobs Save Your Company Money?

If you are about to run a larger-than-usual print job, then you might not be sure whether to do the job in-house or whether to outsource it to a printing company. Even though you pay a printer to do this job, outsourcing can actually save your company money. How?

Reduced Print Costs

If you print larger jobs yourself, then your costs increase. For example, if your current printer is too small to deliver fast and high-quality results on large-volume jobs, then you might have to buy a new machine.

If you don't run larger jobs regularly, then this might be an unviable long-term expense. You might not use the printer enough to justify its cost. Even if you use your current printer, you have additional material costs. You'll need more paper and ink.

If you give the job to a printing company, then you don't have any equipment costs. You don't have to buy extra materials. In fact, you benefit from the print company's purchasing power. They use more of these materials, so they get cheaper rates. This reduces the cost of the jobs they take on.

No Wastage Costs

Larger print jobs can create more waste. If your printers aren't really designed for constant use and long print runs, then they might start to work erratically. They might chew up paper if they have to work constantly. You might also have to reprint pages if the printer suddenly runs out of ink and the person in charge of the job doesn't notice fast enough.

A printing company absorbs its own wastage costs. They only charge you for the print job. You won't have to pay extra for machine or operator errors.

Reduced Labour and Lost Productivity Costs

If you run a large printing project in-house, then you have to find people to do the printing work. You'll probably have to pull people away from their regular jobs to work on the project.

Your labour costs could go up. If you have an urgent deadline, then you might have to pay people extra to work during the evenings or over the weekend.

Plus, you'll have some productivity problems. People can't do their regular work if they are assigned to a print job. Other people in your company might not be able to use your printer at all during the time it takes to complete this large print run. They might not be as productive as usual either.

If you outsource the job, then you won't have additional labour costs. Your people can focus on their normal work; they won't lose time or become less productive.

To find out more, talk to print companies about their large-volume printing press services.